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Highlight has designed and developed tapered tubular steel pole structure for electrical distribution and transmission line with hot-dip galvanization of more than 50 years service. The poles have been tested and approved by Steel Tower Inspection and Testing Center of the Ministry of Power Industry and other international testing institutions.  

These masts are continuous tapered polygonal cross section mono-tubular structures manufactured from press steel welded longitudinally. To meet specific conductor height and masts may consist of more than one section to be assembled on site with telescoping splices jointing section.  

Advantages of Tapered Galvanized Steel Distribution Poles 

A New Choice: As a direct substitute for wood, tapered galvanized steel distribution poles are designed to carry conductors and equipment for electrical distribution, light duty transmission, and telephone, cable, and other telecommunication facilities. Tapered Galvanized steel distribution poles withstand atmospheric and environmental rigors much better than wood. 

Corrosion Protection: Zinc protects steel from corrosion. The reason for the extensive use of galvanizing is the two-fold nature of the coating. As a barrier coating, it provides a tough, metallurgically bonded zinc coating which completely covers (inside and outside) the steel surface and seals the steel from the corrosive action of the zinc protects the steel even where damage or minor discontinuity occur in the coating. 

Financial Considerations: The initial price of a tapered galvanized steel pole is comparable to wood. Additionally, a galvanized steel poles life expectancy is significantly longer and has a much lower life-cycle cost. 

Environment: Tapered Galvanized Steel Poles are the answer to EPA regulations and deforestation issues. Not only is the zinc coating environmentally friendly, it is virtually 100 percent recyclable. In addition, tapered galvanized steel poles can be salvaged and recycled after they have outlived their design life. 

Flexibility: Tapered Galvanized Steel Poles can be customized for embedded or anchor base installations, which will expand application possibilities. Tapered Galvanized Steel Poles can be fabricated to support larger and heavier loadings with longer spans, and are capable of handling greater height requirements. 

Safety: The Tapered Steel structures do not require a full-length copper grounding wire. They are already self-conducting for grounding purposes. As a result, no installation of a ground wire is required.  

Weight: Weighing approximate 60 percent less than wood structures, Tapered galvanized steel poles are easier and less expensive to handle and install.  

Maintenance: After installing tapered galvanized Steel poles, hardware will never to be retightened due to pole shrinkage. Steel retains its shape and strength and is not susceptible to damage by woodpeckers, insects, rot, or fire.     

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