Manufacturing Process  For Tapered Steel Pole

 The production line for steel poles was designed and constructed by BENTELER COMPANY of GERMANY. It is equipped with the latest technical machinery and operates to a great extent automatically. Conical round and Polygonal poles are produced.

 The main technology process of the tapered tubular steel poles including:

Decoiling Devices ----- Cross cutting ----- Longitudinal Cutting ----- Turning Devices ----- Hydraulic Press ----- Auto-Submerged Arc Welding Machine ----- Straightening Machine ----- Hot-dip Galvanized ----- Final Products. 

    Digital Control Flame Cutting Machine to cut flange plate and thick steel plate 

Cross Cutting process is to cut the steel plate of the stipulated length from the steel roller. The length of the cross cutting is transferred into DNC system by the roller examining speed. Length error is within 2mm. This process can guarantee the length tolerance.



Longitudinal Cutting process is to cut the steel plate from the cross cutting machine into two equilateral trapezoid. The top side of the trapezoid decides its top diameter and the bottom side of the trapezoid decides its bottom diameter.

    Each of the two Press Machine is 1000 tons and their stroke is 400 mm. The total Length of the bench is 14 meters. The Conical Round Semi-pole will be pressed for three times. The Polygonal Poles should be pressed for times of numbers of edges subtracting 1. The propellers on both sides of the bench is controlled by the computer to adjust the position between the plate and the press machine. The press machine is controlled by DNC system to control the capacity of the two pumps.
The welding machine is two 600 KW Automatically Submerged Welding Machine. The semi-pole will pass through the clamp roller of the machine and the DNC system will control the width of the clamp roller and the pressure of the Hydraulic pressure. The good coordination of the electric current, voltage, speed of the semi-poles will make the welding seam of high quality. The best of welding selects ultrasonic flaw detector.  
    Packing and Delivery 

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